To make a good impression, you should always try our shoes to be shined and in good condition.
• Use the shoes according to the season and purpose.
• Keep shoes at room temperature in a dry and ventilated place.
• The use of shoes every other day will extend their life.
• Periodically clean or replace the carpets.
• Shoes should be ventilated.
• When shod to barefoot shoes can be smelled. Therefore should be avoided act of putting their bare feet and not necessarily to put socks whenever possible.
• shoes which do not have the words "waterproof" (Gore-Tex, waterproof) may miss in rainy weather. Wet shoes should be maintained according to the instructions for maintenance.
• Most suitably wet shoes to dry at room temperature.
• Do not dry forcibly (heating, sun or other source of direct heat).
• Shoes should be kept moist.
• Avoid direct contact with sea water and soak in the sun.
• Do not machine wash (unless otherwise stated in the instructions) Do not bleach!
• If wet erased with a dry cloth and allowed to dry at room temperature.
• Shoes nubuck or suede brushed with a special brush or tool to clean suede.
• Polish the shoes before you go out.
• Before washing the shoes, make sure that the materials from which they are made and Washable.
• Before washing, always clean the shoes of mud and sort links. Wash separately the links of shoes.
• To prevent odor from shoes, use a special deodorant or powder.

                                                                COMMERCIAL WARRANTY

under Article 119 of the CPA:
Warranty shall be provided by the manufacturer - I.A.SPORT-99 Ltd. and is valid for a period of thirty days after the purchase is made, and shall be governed by Seller:
Seller warrants that the charge of lack of conformity of consumer goods with the contract under Article 120 of the CPA
Dear customer, the warranty period of your purchased goods is 30 days from the date of purchase. Consumer is entitled to a claim on every purchase, asking perform a free repair of the goods. The deadline for settlement of the claim is 30 days from the date of its filing, respectively, by filing in the register of claims in the event that manifested defect can not be remedied, purchased item is replaced with a new one. The user has the right to bring the claim, regardless of the commercial guarantee, under the protection of consumers. Commercial warranty covers defects manifested despite proper use of footwear. When used properly follow the instructions on the back of the commercial guarantee.
Developed defects giving rise to complaints:
Meshing of face material / upper, /. Refraction of the foot. Cleavage of the foot. The fall of the fort. Damaged zippers. Broken Klenk or metal plate in the chamber of the shoe.
Warranty claims for defects shown shall be accepted only in the premises from which the goods purchased on production of this commercial guarantees.
Management method claims Guaranteed storage:
Correction of the defect by repair the item within thirty days from the date of acceptance of the warranty claim. If repair is not possible - must return the goods to another of the same kind.
In the absence of the same types of goods, it should return with another chosen by the buyer. In case of difference in the price that should be paid by him.
When defects due to careless or improper use and maintenance - Seller does not accept returns!
Seller can assist you or give you advice on issues arising after the warranty period.


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