"Megias" Ltd. is registered since 1999 year but its main activity, trade in shoes date from 1991 year. The company imports shoes for men, women and children mostly from France, Italy, China and Turkey, but as well as from Dubai, Hungary, Romania, China and Thailand.

Since 2001 year, we manufacture our own models with brands "Megias®", "Gabriela Juliany®", "Alligators®", "Foot Secrets®" and "Bamborino®". They are entirely made from natural materials.

For this period, we have full confidence from more than 400 clients from the whole country. We also work with clients from Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and many other countries in Europe.

We would like to say that we offer the most up-to-date models for the season and we keep the most competitive prices that you can see for yourself. Megias' shops are full of breathtaking women's and men's formal, elegant shoes, casual shoes, insoles and bags.

We dare to say, that we have the most modern models for the seasons and we keep the most competitive prices in which you can assure by yourself.

Step comfortable with Megias shoes!


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